“China is a good friend to Malawi” says economist

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A reknown economic analyst Dr Desmond Dudwa Phiri says the china-Malawi bilateral relation is of profound importance to the country’s development.

The mainland does not share its political ideology to country so there is no need to fear of anything.

Some people have raised concern over china’s free hand infrastructure give away projects is implementing in Africa including Malawi.

Phiri said it was important for Malawi to switch focus when it comes to national development,especially on infrastructure.

“At the moment Tobacco is no longer the forex earner that was once a green gold,as the west has imposed anti-smoking campaign,but the Chinese usually comes with a fifty-fifty deal which mostly benefit the host.”

In the past years there has been cold war between China and the west over its domination in Africa,and that verbal war seem not to end.

Malawi let the Taiwanise go to open doors for the mainland who promised to take charge of all the developmental projects left by the mandalin civil foes.

Currently Africa is facing extreme poaching that will lead to extinction of some big five animals,and drug smuggling.

However truth is yet to be revealed regarding the so called “china open trade agreements ” in Africa or is another chairman Mao resurfacing ideologies in the 21 century.

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