Church Of Christ Refutes Reports That They Abandoned Burial Ceremony Of Their Pastor’s Wife.

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Social media was taken awash with reports which were circulating that the Church of Christ in Lilongwe, Area 25A abandoned the funeral ceremony of their Pastor’s wife, Mai Haji Mwale on Saturday, May 28, 2017.

According to reports circulating on various media platforms, indicates that the members left the ceremony soon after burying their fellow member leaving out the laying of wreaths (mwambo wa nkhata.)

This situation made members and chiefs of the community to be furious and disapointed with the actions by the Church of Christ members.

After a thorough investigation into the matter by News Watch Reviews, it has discovered that the Church of Christ do not lay wreaths on the tombs of their beloved departed members.

Speaking to one of the members of the Church of Christ who attended the funeral and opted to be anonymous, told News Watch Reviews that the rumours have been taken out of proportion.

“These rumours that we abandoned the burial ceremony of our beloved member are false and they have been taken out of proportion. The Church did all the procedures of saying good bye to their fellow member. We preached, sung and buried her. After this we told the audience that we generally don’t lay wreaths on tombs of our members who have passed on”, he said.

He also added that even the Pastor knows that they don’t lay wreaths but they were amazed to see some family members bringing wreaths at the funeral.

“Prior to the ceremony we enlightened the people that we don’t do that. But it came as a surprise that there were wreaths at the grave yard which were supposed to be laid. So because we don’t believe in such worldly traditions, we let them do what they wanted because we did our part.”, he concluded.

According to the history of the Church of Christ, they don’t believe in laying wreaths on the tombs of their departed members. This norm has been going for years. They believe that those who have died in Christ they will have a rest in Christ and wreaths do not mean anything when it comes to the deaths of their members.

Meanwhile the members of Area 25A Church of Christ have said that there is no need for the people to be angry with what transpired on Saturday because they don’t believe in laying wreaths and moreover the community knows about this issue.

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