Civil Society Platform Congratulates The President For A #FeesMustFall Dialogue.

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The Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue has congratulated both the State President His Excellency Professor Peter Mutharika and the University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) for amicably reaching a compromise on the University of Malawi (UNIMA) fee hike which eventually brings to an end an warranted saga.

The Society said they are committed to mediate on the standoff in order to have a compromise and that the same has been reached.

“We are proud with the level of maturity the UMSU leadership has taken steps to conclude the issue. By accepting the compromise, the Government and UMSU leadership has demonstrated that their action was based on finding a better solution for tertiary education in Malawi. We also commend the order for re-opening of the Chancellor College and pray that there will be no further disturbances on the same issue”, read part oF their statement.

They further said that they deplore the insinuations that other quarters are saying that the compromise by UMSU maybe as a result that they have been coerced or otherwise.

“The Platform having engaged with part of UMSU came to understand the level of intelligences and leadership that exists within UMSU and any suggestion to question their ability to handle the negotiations is an insult to the well capable team that is entrusted by the whole student’s body. May we also take this opportunity in wishing that while justice has to be done, it will only be proper that the cases that the arrested students from Chanco, Poly and Kamuzu College of Nursing be dropped or accelerated so that their academic pursuance should not be affected”, they said.

“We call upon the Government and the Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board to ensure that mechanism are in place that needy students have been supported in the new fees structure and ensure that NO deserving students drops out of university as a result of failure to pay fees. Furthermore, we also call upon measure in ensuring that the loan and grants for needy students is not being abused by students who can ably pay for the same thereby depriving the needy students of the same”, said obe oF the members.

The Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue has called upon the entire nation and student’s body of UNIMA to commend the UMSU leadership and indeed the Country’s leadership for the dialogue which has led to a win-win situation. The Platform believes that Malawi can develop and move forward if we adopt contact and dialogue as means of dealing with disputes and compromise as the only reward.

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