Couple Arrested After Killing Woman And Kidnapping 3 Kids

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By Chris Sommerfeldt: An armed and meth-crazed couple allegedly killed a California woman, kidnapped her three children and led police on a tri-state manhunt before they were arrested in Colorado.

Joshua Aaron Robertson, 27, and Brittany Humphrey, 22, are suspected of fatally shooting Kimberly Harvill before discarding her body in a wooded area outside Los Angeles.

Officers arrested the crazed couple at a motel in Pueblo, about 40 miles from Colorado Springs, local authorities reported.

Cops were conducting an unrelated investigation when they spotted Humphrey sitting in a car in the motel parking lot. Robertson was nabbed shortly thereafter roughly two blocks from the motel.

An unidentified baby girl who turned out to be Robertson’s was found with couple. The girl was taken into state care.

Harvill, who is Humphrey’s half-sister, was found with gunshot wounds to her head on Aug. 14. Cops believe she had been killed within 24 hours of being discovered.

After killing Harvill, Robertson and Humphrey allegedly kidnapped her children — Joslynn Watkins, 2, Brayden Watkins, 3, and Rylee Watkins, 5 — before stealing their dead mother’s green Ford Expedition.

The couple then drove through Arizona and into Albuquerque where they left the three children with a motel guest who called police when they never returned.

The alleged killers and Harvill were all involved with methamphetamine, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Steve Katz.

Harvill and her children, who didn’t have a permanent address, had recently been staying with Humphrey in Lebec, an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. Lt. Joe Mendoza said investigators were not aware of any ongoing conflicts between the half-sisters.

Humphrey’s godmother who only identified herself as Michelle told NBC Los Angeles she’s convinced her godchild has nothing to do with Harvill’s death.

“She loved her sister and she loves those babies,” Michelle said. “The fact that she’s missing is just as concerning as the fact their mother is dead.”

Cops consider the kidnapping couple armed and dangerous and believe they might be heading further east. Robertson is on probation for a conviction on illegal weapons charges, court records show.

“It is suspicious that they did not come forward to law enforcement and instead they fled eastbound towards other states,” Mendoza said, noting that the alleged killers have relatives in Nebraska and ties to Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Harvill’s Facebook page reveals that her children’s father, Kenneth Chad Watkins, died in 2015. He killed himself by lying in front of a train, according to the Fresno County Coroner.

Her profile picture suggests she recently got reengaged and was about to get married before her grisly death.

“Soon to be Mrs. Keithley,” Harvill captioned an Aug. 4 selfie taken with an unidentified man.

Another photo posted on Harvill’s Facebook profile two days before she was found dead appears to show her drinking with Humphrey and Robertson.

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