Dallas Cowboys The World’s Most Valuable Sports Team.

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A research done by the Forbes Magazine has revealed that Dallas Cowboys are the first Sports Franchise to reach a worth of $4 billion.

These rankings made by the Forbes Magazine have placed the Dallas Cowboys ahead of the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona after the American National Football League team had an increase value of about 25%.

The Spanish giants, the Champions League winners Real Madrid have been ranked second at $3.65 billion while their arch-rivals, the Spanish champions Barcelona have been ranked third at $3.5 billion.

Other teams on the list include; New York Yankees have been ranked on fourth spot at $3.4 billion, Manchester United is on fifth at $3.32 billion, New England Patriots $3.2 billion, the New York Nick’s at $3 billion, Washington Redskins at $2.8, New York Giants at $2.8 billion and tied on tenth position are Los Angeles Lakers and San Francisco Fortyniners at $2.7 billion.

The average current value of the 50 most valuable teams is $2.2 billion, the highest to date, a 25% increase of last year. The National Football League teams account for more than half the list with 27 teams.



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