DEC arrest a former banker for theft

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The Drug Enforcement Commission

has arrested a 28-year-old former

banker in Choma for theft by

servant and money laundering

involving over thirty thousand


Sandra Thindwa, 28, a former

Banker of plot M13 Mukasa in

Choma has been arrested for theft

by servant and money laundering

involving K33, 989.20 contrary to

the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that

Thindwa between 1st November,

2015 and 31st January, 2016 did

receive a cash deposit from a

named company amounting to

K33, 989.20 which she stole by

virtue of her being a teller at a

named bank. Thindwa laundered

the said money by benefiting

herself without the authority of her


The suspect will appear tomorrow

in the Choma Magistrate Courts.

And the Commission is appealing

to members of the public with

information regarding the Ikulile

Initiative Enterprise to report to

any Drug Enforcement Commission

office across the country.

DEC has been investigating Ikulile

Initiative Enterprise following

reports that the company swindled

civil servants in Eastern Province

of money totaling over One Million

Kwacha in April, 2016.

The Commission is aware that

there are many other people

affected with the reported scam

across the country and is thus

requesting members of the public

to assist in investigations by

reporting to the Drug Enforcement

Commission with necessary documents supporting their submissions.


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