Donald Trump Fires FBI Director, James Comey.

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The US president, Donald Trump has fired the FBI Director James Comey who was leading an investigation into alleged links between Donald Trump’s team and Russia to influence the election outcome.

Trumps administration has said that Comey mishandled Hilary Clinton’s case and that the White House has lost its confidence in him.

Before the elections Donald Trump applauded Comey for the job he was doing in investigating Clinton’s emails.

Trump said Comey is the strongest man he has ever met taking into account that the job he was doing was tough.

The move has sparked a political fire storm amongst Democrat’s Senators who have raised concerns over possible constitutional crisis, with Mr Comey being the leader of the FBI investigation into alleged links of Hilary Clinton during the last year’s general election.

Some Democrats have compared the move done by Trumph with that Saturday night masacree which took place in 1973 when President Richard Nixon fired the independent personal prosecutor who was investigating the watergate scandal.

Commentators on issue have said Trump’s decision in some ways is to blunt the FBI investigations involving Russia and the White House has to explain why he has taken the this decision to terminate Comey’s job.



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