Donald Trump Wants Obama To Resign After The Orlando Massacre

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The presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump has asked the United States president Barack Obama to resign after the attacks which happened in Orlando on Sunday.

Donald Trump said these incidents shows that security in the country is weak.

According to Trump, he said Obama refused to say the words “radical Islam”, in connection with the recent mass shooting.

“If he refuses to say these words then he should resign immediately because it shows some weaknesses”, said Trump.

He further said if Hillary Clinton refuses to say the same words, then she should not be in the presidential race because those are characteristics of a weak president.

In his statement, Trump said if he becomes the President of America, he will ban those countries which are involved in miscellaneous terrorist attacks in the world.

“I said before that these people must be banned for the security of our people. If I become the president of America I will be tough on them”, said Trump.

Omar Mateen  entered Gay Night club with an assault rifle and and a handgun and killed 50 people and wounded 53 on Sunday.

Omar’s father said his son was a clever and a well behaved person and he never thought that he can go this far by killing a lot of people.

“He was a good boy, he was working and he had a wife and a child. I never expected him to go this far, its very sad”, said Mr Martin.

This is the second mass killings in America after the September 11, 2001 where hundreds of people were killed after a plane crushed into the World Trade Centre complex in New York City.

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