Don’t Lose Hope In Life, Nothing Is Impossible.

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Almost every person under this universe has experienced different problems of which at times we think of doing something bad.

There are times we think that there was no need for you to live, hope is lost, no where to hold on. But the truth about life is that; “Hope is the common ingredient” in whatever situation you come across.

People who try to commit suicide have run out of it or lacking it. They sometimes desperately want it but they don’t know where  to get it.

We have seen some people who got stranded at the sea, the good example is what is happening in Europe, where migration is a story of the day. People flock to European countries in search of better life due to uncontrollable tensions in their countries.

When they are stranded at the sea, that’s if their vessel they are using has capsized, they float in a life raft, they cling to it as tightly as they cling to the life raft. They will not let it go of it; because it is what what keeps them going.

Same thing applies to our marriages, newly married couples and young people in love are brim full of it. They see opportunities everywhere and nothing is impossible with them, the future is bright and they are confident of their strength and passion.

What is the common ingredient..? The answer is “HOPE“.

What is hope..? Is it a wishy washy, blind gamble on the unknown..? Is it a pipe dream, a vague, wishful thinking on something unlikely…? No. Hope is far   more that, hope is not a gamble. Hope requires faith and faith requires knowledge in some form of it to exist, its certainly not blind.

Hope is a natura part of our lives, we have it in every facet of our lives, in our work and home life, in spiritual and emotional arenas too. In a world of many things, we hope for promotion, we hope for a long life, we hope for happiness, we hope for a good husband or wife, we hope for wealth, the list is endless, that’s life.

Hope does not live by itself, it requires faith, it requires a goal, and it also requires expectancy. Hope is a positive expectancy of something in the future, because it is an extreme force within our lives and its what keeps us going when we want to quit, its what keeps us strong when everyone around you has is failing and they have given up on you.

As I have said on the top paragraphs, hope is the powerful force that keeps people strong in adversity, keeps them steadfast and help them overcome extreme trials. The person adrift on the Ocean in a life raft clings to hope. If he didn’t he would plunge into the Ocean and end his suffering, but because of hope, he will hold onto life raft itself for a lot longer than what is expected.

Remember during the Second World War, there were many stories of people surviving horrendous atrocities and hardships both on the battlefield and in the concentration camps, and the thing that kept them alive was hope.

This hope can also make us survive all those bad situations we come across. There is a time that all you hoped for comes into reality. Don’t let your bad luck, bad situation be a hindrance in your way towards good things.
Have hope, let it be a spring well in your mind, let it keep flowing day in day out, and you will not regret in your life.


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