Dora siliya is foolish, I have more qualifications than her president Edgar Lungu, says GBM

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By Bright Chikele


Dora Siliya chiwelewele sana for questioning my academic

qualifications, charges Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

And GBM says President Edgar Lungu should reduce his alcohol intake

and upgrade his qualifications because it is making him lose memory.

Meanwhile, the UPND has advised Siliya to stop preoccupying herself

with gossip and focus on work.

Last Friday after Hakainde Hichilema filed his nomination alongside

GBM as his running mate, Siliya posted on her Facebook page that

Zambians were waiting to see the minimum qualifications which GBM had

submitted to the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

“I have just been told UPND has gone with GBM as running mate. It

seems to most of us that the decision is under duress and quite

contentious within the UPND. Some allege HH felt GBM would have been

more destructive had he left him out than biting the bullet of his

being the unpreferred running mate. There (are) others who also claim

HH will still pay a high price with GBM since he has ignored those who

supported him unconditionally like (UPND vice-president political)

Canisius (Banda),” stated Siliya.

“Clearly, many Zambians are still waiting to see what minimum

qualifications GBM has submitted to the returning officer.”

But addressing a rally at Nkwazi Grounds in Ndola’s Chipulukusu

compound on Sunday afternoon, GBM said Dora was foolish indeed to

question his qualifications.

“Ba Dora chiwelewele sana, kuti bachita (Dora is foolish, how can she)

question my qualifications? We did them a donchi kubeba. They were

busy saying HH has picked bana Kaseba, when we were busy with HH

drinking some tea. When we reached Mulungushi Conference Centre,

nafumya ka diploma and asked ba ECZ, ‘you want some more?’, until my

qualification was validated by [ECZ] chairperson justice [Esau] Chulu.

So ba Dora ninshi? Muli chiwelewele,” GBM said as the crowd went into


“Nomba, let me talk about serious issues because we can’t waste time

on Dora ‘Siliti’. PF has failed to govern this country. The very

people who were insulting Michael Sata that he is a fool, he is what,

today they are the ones enjoying in his own party. This country has

collapsed and we need to change and put things in order.”IMG-20160608-WA0006

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