Drunk Landlord Kicks Tenant’s Teeth Off

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A tenant lost two teeth after a landlord’s relative kicked him demanding rent.

The man from New Magwegwe in Bulawayo, a court heard, had been occupying the house for only two weeks when the relative demanded rent and knocked out his two teeth in a brutal assault. Lawrence Mutero (32) pleaded
guilty to assaulting Mr Theophelus Chihoza (37) who appeared in court hobbling on crutches.

His upper lip was swollen, one eye was puffed up and he could not open it. Mutero told the court that he was under the influence of alcohol when he assaulted Mr Chihoza. “I’m sorry your worship I was drunk when I assaulted Chihoza.

It’s just that we had been knocking for a very long time and by the time he opened the door I had lost my temper. I’m sorry,” said Mutero. Western Commonage Magistrate Mr Stephen Ndhlovu sentenced Mutero to 14
months in jail.

He suspended six months for five years on condition of good behaviour. Eight months were commuted to 280 hours of community service at Luveve police station.


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