Ebola Aftermath: Zika may just be on the corner in Africa

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By Eutychus Yamikani:

Africa may just face another kind of Ebola as Zika virus has been registered in South Africa.
Zika may just be for pregnant mothers, but it has been revealed that the virus can be carried even buy men.
Malawi was warned to be on guard as its weather conditions were susceptible to Zika which was first known to the world through cases registered In Brazil.

Meanwhile the world health organization has warned that cases of Ebola can re-emerge as the virus can hang on the body fluids of some survivors.

More than 11, 300 people were killed by the Ebola outbreak mostly in guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
Africans need to exercise their most alert measures and not follow the media, which sometimes is blamed for not bringing the truth when it comes to outbreaks.

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