EgyptAir Crash Black Box Found In the Mediterranean

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Investigators have found the black box which contains the cockpit voice recorder from the crashed EgyptAir flight in the Mediterranean. The box is said to have been found 4000m deep in the Ocean and part of it is broken but the memory storage is intact.

EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed in the Mediterranean on May 19 killing all 66 people including the crew. The flight was coming from France enroute to Cairo in Egypt.

According to the Egyptian investigation committee, said they used a special vessel owned by Mauritius-based Deep Ocean Search (MDOS). The black box will be transferred to Alexandria where the public prosecutor and investigators will receive it.

Egypt’s Aviation Minister, Sherif Fathi told a news conference that he cannot draw any conclusions prematurely but there is a possibility of having a different action or a terror attack is higher than a possibility of having a technical failure.

Recently, German Engineers said they are considering another way of making “ejectable black boxes” that can pop out of an aircraft before an accident.

These engineers said the ejectable black boxes will separate from the tail during a crash and it will float, emitting a distress signal.

“These ejectable boxes will give the search teams a short period of time to spot them”, said Charles Champion, the Airbus executive vice president for engineering.

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