Eight Houses Set Ablaze Over Land Wrangles In Salima

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Some disgruntled community members on Friday afternoon set ablaze eight houses together with all its properties belonging to relatives and subordinates to the suspended Traditional Authority (T/A) Bibi Kuluunda, of Salima district following a land ownership wrangle.

Affirming the incident, Salima Police Spokesperson Gift Chitowe told News Watch Reviews that during early hours of Friday, July 29, 2016, Police in the district complied with court orders to arrest six people from Bibi Kuluunda for defying court orders over an outstanding land wrangle.

News Watch Reviews understands that the land wrangle was earlier brought to court following another fierce fracas between subordinates of acting Traditional Authority Bibi Kuluunda and the disgruntled group which saw the judgment in favour of the later.

“It was after we had arrested those defying court orders over the land that relatives to the arrested persons got angered and mobilized themselves, they later on torched and maliciously damaged houses and properties respectively” said Chitowe.

Gift Chitowe further said that later on they went to an extent of slaughtering livestock belonging to the relatives and subordinates to the Bibi Kuluunda.

Meanwhile police have arrested five people in connection to the torching of houses and property, and are expected to appear in court soon to answer Arson and Malicious Damage charges.

The five supects have been identified as Azibi Adamu, 24, Ibrahim Adamu, 21, Harry Soko, 19, Alex M’dala, 40 and Phonex Mangwere, 32, all the suspects hails from the area of Traditional Authority Bibi Kuluunda in the district.



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