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By Justin Geoffrey Mkweu…

As the world moves in ages, electricity is more and more becoming a need than a want in people’s lifes.

Electricity is used for phones operations, house lighting, entertainment and other things that attract tourists to visit a country. How ever tourism experts in Malawi have blamed ESCOM as one of the factors that tourism is not growing.

According to residents of Blantyre and Lilongwe, for a month and some good weeks now electricity has been on and off.

“If black out has started at 8 am up to 3pm today, tomorrow it will start around 3 pm up to 9 pm, we do not have electricity here”, said one Blantyre resident.

Commenting on the matter, one tourism lecture at Mzuzu University said this will totally bring down the tourism sector.

“Can you tour a place where there is no electricity? Electricity provides entertainment, can you tour a place where you know there will be no entertainment? Electricity is used to keep our phones operating, can you tour a place where you know your phone will be off? Electricity provides light, can you tour a place where you know that you will stay in the dark? Can you?”, Wondered the lecture.

It is loud and clear that electricity has indeed become a need than just a want but with their poor offering of the service, ESCOM always just defend themselves by saying the lowering of water levels in rivers is causing this and they are working on it.

Tourism experts and Malawians are asking for ESCOM to consider the importance of their service and start offering it at a good quality.



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