Embassygate is another hard pill to swallow for Malawians

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Money amounting to K293million is what has been stolen at the Malawi-Ethiopia embassy through dubious,and fraudulent ways.

Since 2013 money meant to help Malawians were channeled to others projects by some officials at the embassy.

It was a well connected scheme to steal through currency manipulation and accounting techniques,and that includes the deputy ambassador for Malawi in Ethiopia says minister of foreign affairs and international coorperation Francis Kasaila.

“the truth is that a forensic audit team was sent to Ethiopia and through hardship in form of intimidation manager to bar the process,but huge sum of money was dwindled for years through fraudulent ways.

At the moment the case is in the hands of the courts to bring the perpetrators of this crime to book.

However this is happening at the time when another corruption scandal dubbed cashgate is still ongoing.

As billions and millions of kwacha are being stolen each year, analysts are puzzled whether this government is to change corruption cases as it is auditing itself.

A rare scenario for any government in Malawi,but Kasaila assures Malawians that “this auditing will now be done in other embassies as well.”

This corruption crackdown is seen as one of the anthem championed by President Mutharika in his reform programme.

Although Malawians will still want to see more people get jailed,and justice be done as in the mother cashgate case one suspect private lawyer Raphael Kasambara,who is former justice minister has been banned to practice law in Malawi by the Malawi law society.

The development puts transparency to such cases as Kasambara is answering charges in the shooting of former budget director Paul MPhwiyo which sparked cashgate.

Meanwhile the amount is expected to change as the audit scrutiny projects the money to be over K290million in the Embassygate.

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