Empty tins must not be given strategic positions in this country, says Chanda

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By Bright Chikele

ERIC Chanda says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has failed in his

choice of running mate in Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

The 4th Revolution Party president said GBM was an empty tin that

could not offer policy direction to the country.

He said Hichilema had made a mistake by choosing GBM as his running

mate because the former defence minister lacked intelligence befitting

a Republican vice-president.

“To sum up everything, this is total circus; God help us! When I say

this country will never change, people think I am just speaking from

without. When I say even if the UPND was elected today as a new

government, nothing tangible will change both economically and

socially, people think I am talking aimlessly. I am sure that every

Zambian now can see that leadership in our country is far from being

first. What we are seeing now is the total mirror of the MMD and PF.

Honestly, abakalamba bandi ba [my elder brother] GBM has managed to

get tenders from government but we cannot say he is an entrepreneur.

He has always depended on government contracts, so does it mean he can

lead this country?” Chanda wondered. “I am not belittling my elder

brother GBM, but this is total circus. Let us not play around with the

leadership of this country. What policy direction can my elder brother

GBM provide to this country? Anyway, what I can say is comrade

Hakainde Hichilema has made a very retrogressive move as far as

developing this country is concerned; it is very retrogressive. There

are so many educated and intelligent Zambians that deserved that

position who can make contributions as vice-president of this country,

not my elder brother GBM. That position can never be held by him, it

is as simple as that.”

He wondered what politics GBM espoused.

“What policy direction can he give which is in his head? He may not be

incompetent but what we are saying is that let’s not put empty tins in

positions that are key to the development of this country. I am not

wishing comrade Hakainde dead, but if they won this election and he

[Hichilema] died and GBM took over, what policies does he have that

can direct change in this country, change this country for the

better?” Chanda asked. “Totally nothing. So we are saying empty tins

must not be given strategic positions in this country. That is total

failure on the part of comrade Hakainde Hichilema. Already I have seen

a failure in his choice of a running mate. Let’s not play around with

leadership of this country.



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