England: MEL B Says Laughter And Looks Makes Marriage Work.

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The Spice Girls singer, Mel B, whose real name is Melanie Janine Brown has shared her secret on how to live a happy life with your spouse.

She said, her relationship with her husband Stephen Belafonte works because he is always funny and he looks gorgeous.

“My husband is funny and his looks makes me feel good always”, she said.

Mel B, 41, has been married to the film producer for nine years and she says her home life is good because she is still besotted with her lovely husband.

“We are good together, we just get on always, he is a funny person, thus why I like him. We are just good friends and all these years I have discovered that he is a nice and loving person”, said Mel B.

The singer further said that being honest to each too can spice up your relationship and this has been their main key between the two.

“Being honest helps your marriage to succeed. I have been honest with Stephen, likewise he has been honest to me, this has helped me in my career”, she concluded.

Melanie is a British presenter, television personality, recording artist, actress, author and model. The America’s Got Talent judge rose to fame as a member of Spice Girls in which she was known as Scary Spice.

Mel B began her solo career when she releasedI want You Back“, and this single was on top of the chart on the UK Singles Chart. From there, she has been on top of her game.

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