European Union Unveils Plans To Stem Migrant Crisis.

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Migrants flocking to Europe.

Over 10 000 people have been reported dead by the UN when trying to cross the Mediterranean sea to Europe since 2014.

Due to these incidents on the Mediteranean sea, the European Union has unveiled new plans which will help to stem migrants from flocking to Europe.

Deadly shipwrecks and stormy winds on the sea have claimed thousands of lives and deaths have been rapidly rising in recent months.

The new proposal will see European Union use EU funds to promote private investment of up to €60 billion in countries where many migrants come from. The countries which have a huge number of migrants heading towards Europe include; Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Jordan, Ethiopia, Niger and Lebanon.

The Commission will also introduce a “Blue Card” system which will be given to only skilled migrants to go to Europe legally to reduce the number of people who smuggle themselves to European countries.

Frans Timmermans, who is the vice President of European Commission said they can’t just play dumb while lives of people are lost.

“We cannot just fold our hands while our fellow human beings are losing their lives. We need to do everything to stop this crisis”, said Frans.

The European Commission also wants to speed up readmission deals with Pakistan, Afghanistan and African countries to make it easier to send back people who do not qualify for a refugee status.

A lot of Migrants have been flocking to Europe running away from their countries due to internal crisis and economic problems.

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