European union(EU) lifts ban on aircrafts registered in zambian

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THE European Union (EU) has

lifted the ban on Zambian

registered aircrafts which was

effected in 2009.

This meant that aircrafts

registered in Zambia were not

allowed to fly to the European

Union because of safety concerns.

This ban had a negative impact on

the development of the aviation

and tourism sectors in Zambia.

This is according to a statement

issued by the EU in Brussels today

when the group updated its air

safety list that seeks that air

safety for its citizens meets the

highest standards.

“Following today’s update, all

airlines certified in Zambia are

cleared from the list, along with

Air Madagascar and three airlines

certified in Indonesia (Citilink, Lion

Air and Batik Air). In addition

most aircraft of Iran Air are

allowed to resume operations to

the EU,” reads the statement in


EU Commissioner for Transport

Violeta Bulc said: “Aviation safety

is my top priority and today’s

update illustrates our continuous

efforts are the highest level of air

safety to European citizens. I am

happy to say that after seven years

of work and extensive European

technical assistance, we were able

to clear all Zambian air carriers

from the list back into European


The EU Air Safety List not only

helps to maintain high levels of

safety in the EU, but it also helps

affected countries to improve their

levels of safety, in order for them

to eventually be taken off the list.

In addition, the Air Safety List has

become a major preventive tool, as

it motivates countries with safety

problems to act upon them before

a ban under the Air Safety List

would become necessary.

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