Facebook and Google Falls Victim To Online Phishing Fraud

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If you have been in doubts of how big an issue phishing and online fraud has become, look no further than the recent victims Google and facebook.

In a recent admission to online vulnerabilities posed by scrupulous hackers across the globe, the two tech giants were corned of $100 million dollars by a 48 Lithuanian national who raised invoices posing as a Japanese gadget supplier and manufacturer to the two giants.

We recovered the bulk of the funds shortly after the incident and has been cooperating with law enforcement in its investigation.” Facebook said

According to recently released reports, UK is vulnerable in so many fronts due to lack of proper preparedness as such that last year alone, UK lost near £14.8 billion pounds. In it’s findings, the national audit slammed the UK government citing that; The UK is failing to keep up with online fraud, and systems to protect shoppers from scams do not yet provide value for money, a stern warning from National Audit Office.

With phishing attacks  on the rise, you really can’t leave your home internet security to chance. Gone are the days when popular Nigerian Prince scams still operate with bogus claims of money, techniques used by the thieves have become increasingly sophisticated. Hackers now have developed capabilities of being able to conning people and companies all over the world out of significant sums of money all in the comfort of their own homes.

How Secure are your personal details online?

Online safety and real internet security really begins by securing your home appliances so that they too do not create open sockets for hackers to use your home for malicious attacks and even worse enough to hold you hostage in your own home.

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