Facebook Introduces Suicide Prevention Tool

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Facebook has added suicide prevention tool on their social media app which aims to provide resources for a person in distress.

With the new features people can flag friend’s posts that they deem suicidal. Users are also provided with a list of resources including help lines and suicide prevention material that they can click through to gain access.

The product manager at Facebook, Vanessa Callison-Burch said the process will make it easier for people to help friends who make posts about suicide or self harm.

“The introduced social network mechanism and processes will help internet users to report any post related to suicide or any self harm. This is part of preventing issues relating to suicide incidents which have been rocking the world”, said Vanessa Callison-Burch.

In February, Facebook researchers discovered that almost a third of the posts shared on Facebook include some form of negative feelings.

According to the Wealth Health Organisation, a suicide occurs every 40 seconds and an attempt is made every three seconds.

Suicide risk factors among the people include mental illness, especially depression, conduct disorder, alcohol, drug abuse and the availability of firearms in different homes.

The introduction of this tool will enable friends and family members to  have access to full information on instances like these so that they can support them immediately.

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