Facebook Mark Zuckerberg And Wife Expecting Second Child

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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

As facebook Mark and wife Priscilla Chan are expecting their second baby, there was an initial fear despite the fact they were presumable to be unable to not conceive another child.

Facebook Mark

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is boss of facebook and made the headline yesterday, by confirming that he and his lovely wife Priscilla Chan are expecting a baby to and the trio would soon become four.

In 2015, during the pregnancy of their first daughter, the couple were not sure they would be able to have another child after a difficult pregnancy with their first daughter as facebook Mark Zuckerberg, 32, said in a post.

But they have since been able to conquer the odds as they are really expecting another daughter later this year said facebook Mark Zuckerberg,  ‘When the both couple first found out Priscilla was pregnant again, Their first hope was that the child would be healthy.

Facebook Mark

Surprisingly, his next hope was that it would be a girl, he is unable to think of a greater gift idea than having a girl/sister and they are so happy .

He said, “I grew up with three sisters and so they educated me to learn from smart, strong women. They were not just my siblings but some of my best trusted friends and we are all better people because there were strong women in our lives – including sisters, moms and friends.”

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