Families Learn How To Stay Safe Online In The Wake Of WannaCry Ransomware

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With every news outlet talking about how a lapse in security update left doors open for hackers to hold ransom businesses and departmental governments, you would think that households are jumping on available opportunity to have their home internet security secured.

Should Individuals be worried About WannaCry Ransomware?

Heck yeah!….

Not long ago, one of the biggest players in online cyber security, issued a public service announcements  also known as PSA)that new variants of the WannaCry ransomware started emerging. One of the variants was( also stopped today by registering a kill switch domain, the same way the ransomware was stopped on Friday. A second variant is not encrypting infected machines due to an error in programming, but it is spreading.

The announcement also said that it expected the new variants to emerge all week that continue to exploit the vulnerability in SMB that WannaCry has been using. With this in mind, there is no time for any parents or just about anyone who is doing online banking online, shopping online, even college kids who are constantly online to have their online security compromised.

It is critical that as a Windows user you should take all steps neccesary  to protect yourself and loved ones immediately against this threat.

WannaCry Ransomware: How to protect yourself

It is clear that preventative measures have to be taken with seriousness, if you use Windows, your first first step is to install the patch that Microsoft has released to block the specific exploit that the WannaCry ransomware is using.

Once that is done, you need to have your computer and home internet network secured with a reputable Scan guarding security software. Many victims we have spoken with have always believed  that the security software installed by vendors with manufacturing companies was good enough. Unfortunately this is not the case with many online vulnerabilities faced nowadays. This simple solution available from one of the most respected Internet security companies should keep hackers out for you!Download Your Patch

  • You can find instructions on this page in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. You can also directly download the patches for your OS from the Microsoft Update Catalog.
  • If you are using an unsupported version of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 2008 or Server 2003, you can get the patches for your unsupported OS from the Update Catalog. We do recommend that you update to a supported version of Windows as soon as possible.
  • Update your Antivirus software definitions. Most AV vendors have now added detection capability to block WannaCry.
  • If you don’t have anti-virus software enabled on your Windows machine, we recommend you Get Scan Guard which can be downloaded here ..Download or get Windows Defender which is a light weight free security product.
  • Backup regularly and make sure you have offline backups. That way, if you are infected with ransomware, it can’t encrypt your backups.
  • For further reading, Microsoft has released customer guidance for the WannaCry attacks and Troy Hunt has done an excellent detailed writeup on the WannaCry ransomware.
    Get the word out
  • The second wave of attacks appears to have just started within the past few hours. This is going to be a rough week for Windows users. We recommend you get the word out by sharing this post to help keep friends and family secure.

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