Farmers Union Of Malawi Pleads With Zambia On Maize Importation

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Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has pleaded with Zambian government not to close doors when Malawi request for maize.

The plea was made by FUM director of research, policy and partnership Dr Candida Nakhumwa when a team of FUM  leaders were in Zambia on a study tour for three days.

The Malawian leaders made this call through the acting Eastern Province Permanent secretary Royd Tembo who assured them that they will continue supporting their counterparts and they will also put in place meassures to curb illegal smuggling of maize across boarders.

Royd Tembo further said the smuggling of maize illegally between the two countries will be dealt with and the government has introduced strong measures which will be used to put to an end this problem.

“We have constituted some committees at national and provincial level which will help us deal with the issue of illegal smuggling of maize products. For those who are doing it in a right way, they are permitted to carry on exporting or importing of maize“, said Tembo.

In response to Mr Tembo’s statement, Dr Nakhumwa said cooperation between the two organisations is a key figure.

“As leaders of Farmers Union of Malawi, we will continue cooperating with the Zambian Farmers Union (ZFU) to ensure that the promises made by President Edgar Lungu to support neighbouring countries when they are in need of food is fulfilled“, said Nakhumwa.

The Malawian director further said that she will make sure that the trade is done in a formal manner so that taxes should be paid in every transaction.

“We discourage illegal cross boarder maize trade between the two countries. The two organisations were formed to cooperate and work hand in hand so that everything is done properly between the two countries“, said Dr Nakhumwa.

Malawian Farmers Union presidemt , Alfred Banda said this is a great deal between the two organisations which will help farmers in Malawi to find a market for their crops.


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