Father Stabs His Son To Death For Not Studying Enough

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By Alfred NG: A Japanese father stabbed his 12-year-old son to death after a fight over studying habits.

The father and son were fighting on Sunday morning, when Kengo Satake, 48, stabbed his son in the chest with a kitchen knife, police said.

Satake told cops they were arguing after his son Ryota wasn’t studying enough for his entrance exams to a private junior high school.

He rushed the 12-year-old boy to the hospital, where Ryota died from the heavy blood loss.

Satake said the stabbing was an accident. His son had been studying extensively to get into one of the leading private schools in the Aichi Prefecture.

Japanese parents often force immense pressures on their children to succeed in school, leading to excessive disciplining known as “educational abuse,” the Japan Times reported.

Neighbors told police they would often see Satake’s son being locked out of the home for misbehaving.

The father would also regularly scold his son over his studying habits. The boy’s mother was at work during the fatal stabbing.

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