Finally Obama legacy lives on as he put OUT his last Asian rhetoric in Hiroshima

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By Eutychus Yamikani

The President of the United States of America Barrack Obama on Friday made a historical visit at the two nuclear affected cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the US dropped the atomic bomb in 1945.

Speaking at the peace park in the city of Hiroshima, where a memorial monument sits and a place where the first nuclear atomic bomb was dropped in Japan.

Japanese NPK TV President Obama said that “when the world thinks of Hiroshima it should think of humanity, and what devastation the people of the region faced.”

Even though the first US sitting president did visit the site of nuclear manmade disaster in Japan after 70years,as expected Obama did not apologize, but only put out his usual rhetoric for the world to wave their hands.

And as the world media glued to their television, it was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who took to the platform and reminded the world how bad ‘nuclear weapons can be disastrous to humanity.’

Soon after the two men finished the retrospective speeches, Obama embraced some of the survivors who had waited all this long to see a US president visit their city of doom.

Survivors of the US atomic bomb in the two Japanese cities continue to lobby for a nuclear free world.

The US dropped the first nuclear bomb in 1945 after Japan attacked its Pearl Harbor sea port in Hawaii the same year ending the Second World War.

Meanwhile Obama visit means a little if the world is to be free from nuclear weapons, as he is at home promoting the US to produce new nuclear arsenal and discard the old one.

The truth is that the Obama presidency tenure was one of a mere contradiction and a mere reality of how humans and dreams are far from meeting each other.

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