Fishermen Discovers A Decomposed Dead Body In Lake Malawi.

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Fishermen in the northern district of Malawi, Nkhata Bay found unknown man aged between 35-40 floating dead at Msumba fishing camp in the district, News Watch Reviews understands.

“On July 25, 217, fishermen at Msumba fishing camp were busy with their fishing business and in course of doing this, they came across a dead body which was floating in the waters of Lake Malawi”, said Nkhata Bay police publist Ignatius Esau.

Esau further said the body had all its parts intact but in a decomposed state and postmortem revealed that death was due to suffocation.

He said since no foul play was suspected by police, and noone has come forward to report about a missing person, they ordered the body to be buried immediately.

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