Five Police Officers Shot Dead Amid “Black Killings” Protests  In USA.

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Snipers have shot twelve police officers and five of them have been killed amid “black killings” protests in Downtown Dallas in United States.

30% of the people who were shot by police officers last year were black people USA.

Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings confirmed the deaths of the five police officers who were killed in an attack on Thursday night.

“This is an act of criminality in our area, we will try to contain the situation to make sure the people of Dallas are safe”, said Rawlings.

Police in Dallas have said suspects who are now in police custody said they are upset with the recent killings of black people therefore they want to kill white people.

The police further said one suspect has died after a long standoff with them.

“We tried to negotiate with the suspect who was angry over “Black Lives Matter” and he was mad at white people especially white officers whom he said he wanted to kill”, said police chief David Brown.

The police tried to talk to him to calm the situation but the discussions went sour then gunshots were exchanged and he was killed in the process.

Black and white people have been holding demonstrations in the USA against the killings of the two black people from Louisiana and Minnesota this week by white police officers without the right reasons.

These people blame the government of not taking any action on policemen who have been killing people randomly in the past years.  They claim that officers involved in these incidents have been acquitted in trials or not charged at all.

President Barack Obama has condemned the mass killings which are happening in his country.

“The entire city of Dallas is grieving for the loss of these people. We don’t condone these acts in our communities. I urge all Americans to say a prayer for these officers and their families “, said Obama.


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