FRANCE: UEFA Gives Russia a Suspended Disqualification; England Fans Jailed.

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As one way to stem hooliganism in football, the European football governing body, UEFA, has handed a suspended disqualification to the Russian football team.

This ban has been imposed on them after their supporters attacked England fans in a 1-1 draw Euro game on Saturday in Marseille.

This ban means that if the Russian supporters causes violence again during any game in France, then they will be banned from competing in any European championship matches.

During the Saturday’s game between England and Russia, England supporters were forced to flee their stands after some hooligans from the Russian side broke through the stewards line and attacked them.

This violence did not just end inside the Stade Velodrome stadium but it was spread even outside where police used water canon, tear gas, batons and dogs to disperse the violent fans.

Four England fans have been jailed to almost three months. The four convicts are; Lee Phillips, 23, and Paul Jackson, 21, who have been slapped one month each in jail. Steven Cornell, 28, has been given a two month jail term, and Ashley Kelly, 26, has been sentenced to three months in jail.

Other English fans who have also been jailed are Ian Hepworth, 41, and Alexander Booth, 20, the two have been given two months and three months respectively and they have also been banned from visiting France for a period of two years.

According to UEFA, they have described this violence happening in France as the worst at international tournament since 1998 World Cup which was also hosted in France.

French police are searching for some supporters who were part of the violence. These supporters escaped arrest, when found they will be detained and sent back home to avoid more violence during the tournament.

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