German Engineers To Introduce Ejectable Black Boxes For Aircrafts.

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Due to the recent incidents of aircraft crashes, some engineers in Germany are considering another way of making “ejectable black boxes” that can pop out of an aircraft before an accident. This development is said to be an alternative to remove the need for challenging searches on the sea bed.

The Airbus executive vice president for engineering, Charles Champion said if they can have a deployable recorder, then it will be much easier to find whenever there is a crash.

“We have been working on this project and this reinforces our overall approach”, said Charles.

According to the engineers, these ejectable black boxes will separate from the tail during a crash and it will float, emitting a distress signal.

Investigators have been facing different challenges to find out the causes of Aircrafts if they have crashed into the sea.

The recent incident saw the Egyptian Aircraft, EgyptAir Airbus A320 crashing into the Mediterranean sea killing 66 people on board and the investigators had to search for the flight  recorders in the deepest waters which they say its challenging.

The black boxes are designed to emit acoustic signals for 30 days after a crash, giving the search teams a short period of time to spot them in waters up 3000 metres deep.

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