Germany Envoy warns aganist violence during polls

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Germany envoy Bernd Finke has warned that political parties should

watch the increasing spectre of violence as it was denting the

country’s long held democratic and peaceful credentials.

Finke said the country should uphold its legacy of a beacon for peace

and democratic elections.

He said political parties should hold the recommendations of the

national indaba on peace that had been spearheaded by the church.

Finke said the leading contenders in the election should guide their

supporters on the need to campaign peacefully.

Political violence largely between the PF and the UPND has been a

regular occurring feature during the campaigns so far with the attacks

ranging from beatings, smashing property and also pulling down rival

parties’ campaign materials.

The church mother bodies have twice brought the political parties to

the round table with little success but are praying that the country

walks through yet another routine peaceful election.

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