How To Get Over Someone You love Fast

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How To Get Over Someone You love Fast

There’s no way around it — breaking up straight-up blows. Even if the relationship wasn’t the best, splitting up with a partner dramatically alters your day-to-day life and has emotional repercussions that can send you into a tailspin. For some of us, that means hunkering down with a box of tissues and a bottle of wine, praying to feel normal again ASAP.

This week has been trying for my business associates, who have enjoyed doubling working together and living together as boy friend and girl friend  for the past seven years. Sadly curtains have come down on a personal level.
The Worst part of it all! We all hard this discussion when they started dating.
If only you could forget he or she ever existed, because… oh the pain, the pain!

Not being able to be with him or her can be ‘hell on earth’ and concentrating on anything else or just enjoying yourself is so hard.

Unfortunately, this is what life could be like for a foreseeable future as they will have to still work together and pretty much be part of each other’s life one way or another.

And It Was After Months Of Silence

      I Realized We Make Better Strangers

                        Than We Ever Made Anything Together!

Are you wondering how you are going to cope or survive a breakup and get over someone fast?

You may be…

… working with him or her like my associates do
… seeing or meeting them every day (makes even getting over someone you love fast even harder.)
… bumping into them in the gym, club, or at regular meetings
… parenting your children together
… worse – seeing them with your best friend, or someone else you’re close to.

From psychological point of view:

How To Get Over Someone You love Fast

There are 7 stages of breakup to finally Get Over Someone You love Fast and the worst part of it all is you have to walk trough all of them to recover and say I have managed to get over someone I love fast.

1. Shock

You don’t know what happened. You can’t believe it. You’re confused and asking yourself why, what went wrong. You’re desperate for answers and don’t understand anything. You were so happy, you were together now you are alone and you have to cope with that.
There is so much pain, you could cry for hours and you feel like a wreck and yet you also know that you have to get over that someone you love faster than they came into your life.

2. Denial

You can’t believe it’s over. You are living in the past, thinking about every single thing you did together, how happy you were. You going all over this in your head. You remember all those little things. You think that you can still save everything. Nothing is wrong. You think you can do better. You try to convince your significance over you can be happy again.

3. Anger

You’re mad. You think you’re exbf/exgf was a monster. You want revenge. You start to hate their guts and they seem like the worst people on this planet. You want to show them what they have lost. You may as well direct anger on yourself, which is more damaging. Although you are surrounded by negativity you feel full of energy, which can be also used in positive, constructive way.

4. Low self-esteem

You start to believe that you’re not worthy of love and you are never going to be in love again. You see that you’re full of flaws. You pity yourself, you feel extremely lonely.

5. Initial acceptance

You start to understand and accept fact that you’re single. You don’t blame yourself and your partner anymore. You don’t think so often about them and you just go through with your life.

6. Hope

You believe you can find happiness again. You don’t want to get back together with your partner. Around that time you start dating and notice more attractive people around you. You’re planning your future.

7. Understanding

It’s all in the past. You learn how to forgive your ex-partner and yourself. You don’t have any feelings towards them.

There you have it! Your survival guide and How To Get Over Someone You love Fast.

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