Ghana: Parents Vote To Ban Cellphones To Reduce Teenage Pregnancies.

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Due to the increase of teenage pregnancies, parents from Bongo District in Ghana, have voted to ban the usage of mobile phones which are said to be influencing young girls to get pregnant.

According to reports from the upper eastern region, scores of elderly people gathered at a resolution area to discuss and map a way forward for their young children who drop out of school at a young age.

“We will not be bothered by any critics, but we want to pave the future of our children. We are saddened by the increase of teenage pregnancies in our communities. Just imagine at least 15 in every 20 young girls in our community are pregnant”, said remorseful parents.

The chief of the area, Nana Anyanebah Akolgo Saabo ll said all young children below the age of 19 should not use mobile phones whether at school or at home.

“We are trying to prevent the escalation of this issue in our community. A lot of girls desire to have a better cellphone, therefore they can do anything to own one at all costs, which is bad to us and their future”, said the chief.

Parents are dismayed with the number of young girls who drop out of school so oftenly in their community and they are thinking that this solution might work since they will not spend much time on their cellphones but they rather spend it on their books, hence they will have a better future.

The chief further said that there are 789 house holds in his area with a total number of 1,978 children, but more than half of the youth below twenty years posses a cellphone.

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