Girl Dies After Taking Poisonous Substance

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Chimwemwe aged 6 dies in Lilongwe, Malawi after taking a poisonous liquid her father had bought.


The father Mr Kumwenda, who is a resident of area 25 sector 3 in Lilongwe, on Saturday bought the poisonous chemical to use it in killing termites which were eating plants in his garden. On that same Saturday after buying the chemical, he put it at the back seat of the vehicle and went home. When going to the family garden, Chimwemwe cried to go with her father.


When they arrived at the family garden, Mr Kumwenda was shocked to see his daughter acting strange at the back seat of the vehicle. He then noticed a strong smell in the car and realised Chimwemwe had taken the substance. Kumwenda gave her milk and she started vomiting immediately. He then rushed her to the nearby hospital where efforts to rescue the little girl were in vain. Chimwemwe sadly passed away.

Her dead body was later taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital for post-morten. The hospital later urged parents to never leave dangerous chemicals lying around where kids can reach them!

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