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ZAMBIA Police are searching for people suspected to be involved in the alleged sexual assault of a woman and, posting the graphic video of her on social media that have shocked the country.

The unknown perpetrators put up a video of the woman on Whats App, sparking a nationwide backlash.

Deputy police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said in a short statement that, “ Let us go flat out to gather information. We too as police we will investigate this barbaric act. Together we can end such acts,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zambian Ambassador to Sweden Reverend Edith Mutale has described as inhuman the beating and gang raping of a woman in a video that has been circulating on social media.

Rev Mutale said she is heartbroken with the barbaric act in a video clip being circulated on social media “Whats App” depicting a Zambian woman being brutalized and stripped naked by a team of men.

“The whole thing was appalling to say the least especially that it is happening in modern day Zambia where violence against women and the girl child is scorned upon,” Rev Mutale said.

She has condemned the act in strongest terms possible.

Rev Mutale has since called upon the inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja to use all the resources at his disposal to bring the perpetrators of such a heinous sexist violent crime to a closure.

“I also challenge the women ‘s rights movement in Zambia and the church to step up and double up on this matter in order to deter future atrocities and primitive crimes against the women folk,” said Rev Mutale.

She further said it was not right for women groups to always pick the microphone and condemn the President for perceived political crime or another, when real issues such as violence against women on social media are happening.

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