Helen Zille Apologises To South Africans Over A Controversial Colonialism Tweet.

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After being pushed to the corner by the Democratic Alliance President Mmusi Maimane, the former President of the party Helen Zille has apologised to the country for the controversial tweet on colonialism.

The Western Cape Premier said she is sorry with what happened and asks all South Africans to bear with her.

Helen Zille will vacate all positions on decision making structures within the Democratic Alliance, including the Federal Executive, Federal Council and Provincial Council, but she will remain the DA Premier of the Western Cape.

“After a period of debate and engagements with the party leaders I recognised the offence caused by the tweet I posted about colonialism on March 16, 2017. I therefore I apologise unreservedly to everyone who was offended by this tweet”, said Zille.

Zille further said that she has realised that the wounds of apartheid have opened since during the colonial rule the minority benefited nothing.

“I have realised that those who suffered in the hands of the apartheid regime have been offended, for this I am genuinely sorry”, concluded Zille.

Commenting of the issue, Mmusi Maimane said he was personally angered by Helen Zille’s tweet and other South Africans too.

“It was important to me that Helen Zille offered the South African public a fulsome and unqualified apology, and I am glad to say that she is now prepared to do that. Her willingness to admit wrongdoing and apologise is a quality that I believe sets her apart from many other political leaders in our country”, ssid Maimane.

The DA president said Zille’s political communication from this onwards will only focus on matters relating to the Western Cape provincial government which she will remain Premier.

“This has not been an easy decision. The alternative was to become embroiled in a protracted legal battle in the lead-up to the 2019 election. I have no doubt that this would have done further damage to the project we have embarked upon, to the detriment of every South African committed to non-racialism and constitutionalism”, concluded Maimane.



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