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How do you clean CPAP mask? 

How do you clean CPAP mask –

A standout amongst the most important factors in keeping up with a clean CPAP consistence is taking appropriate care of your CPAP gear.

How do you clean CPAP mask

In order to have a fruitful CPAP therapy, you should make your treatment a priority in your life, and that implies frequently cleaning and keeping your CPAP gear clean.

Fortunately, taking legitimate care of your hardware is quite simple, and not exceptionally tedious. With a little acclimation to your normal morning schedule, your CPAP machine and accessories will be working productively to get you a good sound sleep.

CPAP Mask Cleaning and Replacement

Most CPAP mask pads are made of silicone, a tender, non-aggravating material.

In any case, while silicone is an extremely comfortable material for masks, it doesn’t have a long life expectancy, and without legitimate care it can breakdown speedier than anticipated.

Therefore, cleaning your CPAP mask is pivotal in making it productive as it is expected under normal circumstances.

CPAP mask cleaning:

Gently wash mask day by day with warm water, non-fragrant cleanser or buy CPAP mask particular wipes and cleansers.

Flush with water and permit to air dry on a perfect fabric or paper towel out of direct daylight.

Before utilizing mask during the evening, wash your face thoroughly and don’t utilize facial lotions. Facial oils or face creams can breakdown the silicone speedier.

Once every week absorb in a solution of one part white vinegar and three part water before washing in refined water.

Head-gear and chinstraps ought to be washed as required by hand utilizing warm lathery water, flushed well, and air dried.

Try not to place headgear or chinstraps in clothes washer or dryer.

It is suggested for most mask that you supplant the pads 1-2 times each month, and the mask each 3-6 months.

CPAP tubing ought to be cleaned week after week in a sink of warm, lathery water, washed well, and let to hang-dry alone for direct daylight.