How YouTube TV Stacks Up Against DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV

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YouTube TV Stacks Up Against DirecTV Now

As a fun of online tv stream, watching free tv online is almost an everyday habit, and I must make it clear here, I don’t tend to watch tv online free because am broke or what ever you might think.

Online streaming services like the recently launched Youtube TV or DirecTV are community focused, which means I get to sit in my living room, enjoy watching sports online ,while connecting with like-minded individuals across the globe.

Why Watch Free TV Online

Free TV is not the real motivation, however if you are a cricket fanatic, and you just happen to either come from Pakistani or your home country is playing against Pakistani cricket team, you would either have to watch it via PTV Sports which is a Pakistani government owned Sports channel. BuzzBundle_728x90

It broadcasts live cricket mostly between Pakistan and other countries.

Legally this channel can’t be viewed outside the country, however internet and vpn technology allows many Pakistani cricket fans to watch  Free TV on android or any other mobile as long as there is internet connection.

The channel was first launched in Pakistan in 2012 and offers viewers pre- and post match analyses.

What Has YouTube TV Got To Do With PTV  ?

When it comes to sports channels, YouTube TV has the upper hand. Which means sooner than you expect PTV will possibly offer you extra more sports channels including PTV.

For as small as  $35 per month, and then suddenly instead of getting only one free TV Channel, you get 12 sports channels including ESPN, Fox Sports, Comcast SportsNet, and NBC Sports Network. 

That’s the most offered by any base subscription, and you can watch most of those games on your desktop, on TV, or a mobile device.

The only exception we know of now is NFL content on mobile devices—Verizon already has a deal with the NFL to stream games on mobile, so you can only watch NFL content on a desktop or on a TV using YouTube TV

Youtube TV stacks up pretty well for me, according to arstechnica, the most important factor for all of the TV-streaming services is the array of channels you get for the least amount of money.

All but Sling TV offer over 40 channels with their base subscription tier (Sling TV starts off lower than the rest, with $20 for 30 channels).

But YouTube TV is the only one to include all of the biggest broadcast channels: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and the CW.

DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue have ABC, NBC, and Fox, but Sling’s $20 Orange plan doesn’t offer any of those channels (you can get Fox and NBC with the $25-per-month Sling Blue package).

YouTube TV also partnered with local news stations so you can watch local news and weather broadcasts for your area, similar to DirecTV’s local offerings.

However, YouTube hasn’t detailed how extensive these partnerships are, so it’s possible some local stations around the country are not included.

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