Human Transplant Organs To Be Grown In Pigs

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In a bid to to end the shortage of transplant organs to human beings, United States scientists have decided to grow human pancreas inside the pig’s embryos.

The created genetic niche in pig’s DNA will enable them to inject human stem cells into the pig embryos. These human-like pig embryos are known as Chimeras.

“The embryo will not change, it will look like a normal pig’s embryo but the pancreas will be made from human cells”, said the team of of scientists.

The embryo will grow until 28 days before terminating the pregnancy and the tissue will be removed for analysis.

The former head of Newcastle University Genetics Institute, Sir John Burn has supported the development by saying it is potential for developing human diseases like diabetics which is epidemic.

“We should explore this, we should also remember that everyday of the week people are having pig viral transplants and this has been happening for hundred years now”, said Sir John Burn.

He further said there is nothing new provided the animals are extremely well cared for.

On the other hand, Peter Stevenson from Compassion in World Farming said this development might be dangerous to humans globally.

“I understand this development very well, but Iam very much concerned about opening this new source of animal suffering. A much better approach would be increasing supply of humans organs.”, said Peter.

He further said the pig organ is a danger to human population in a way that it can pick viruses which can affect many people.

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