Humanity In Malawi

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For decades, Malawi is said to be the warm heart of Africa because of how friendly, loving and welcoming Malawians are.

But recently, I’ve realized that there’s more, Malawians have khalidwe (humanity). Neighbors tend to be the greatest relatives when problems appear,the people you least expect are the ones who appear first when stranded and helpless.

When it comes to a funeral, Malawians become a great help, a great support and comforter. The day you tell them there’s a funeral, they stay by your side, they cry with you, they support you through everything, even the richest man humbles himself and sits at the door step or on the group just to show support, to show they feel your pain until the loved one is laid to rest.

Such humanity should be praised.

I’ve travelled to many countries around the world but have never found or seen such great humanity.

(A friend indeed is a friend in need.) Malawians have proved this saying to be true.

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