Husband Seeks Divorce Because Wife Doesn’t Satisfy Him Sexually

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By: Bright Chikele..

A 38-YEAR HUSBAND of Lusaka caused laughter in the Chawama Local Court when he said that his wife does not satisfy him which has led to the marriage turning turn sour.

This is in a case which Nester Mwape, 33 of Chilenje residential area sued Albert Mwanza, of the same area for divorce. Bride price was paid.

The couple got married in 2014 and together they have no child.

Mwape a trader told the court that problems in their marriage started on July 2015, when Mwanza started developing the habit of sleeping out of their matrimonial house coupled with excessive beer drinking.

“The other problem with my husband is that he is always suspicious who does not like seeing me talking with other men in my area,” Mwape complained.

“Last month, I was beaten severely with a metal bar on my left leg and now I am unable to walk properly,” she said.

She described her husband’s ill treatment as brutal adding that she has endured enough over the years.

In her submission, she begged the court to grant divorce, saying she has grown cold towards Mwanza and that no matter how much the court could reconcile them, her decision was final.

But in his defense, Mwanza denied all the accusations against him.

“The problem with my wife is that she wants to compare herself to a man, she doesn’t’ respect me and she doesn’t even save meals on time.

“I do take care of my wife but the problem is that she sometimes oversteps her boundaries,” he said.

Passing judgment, the Magistrate Gatson Kalala upheld claim for divorce. The court ordered Mwanza to compensate Mwape with K6, 000 as compensation with an initial instalment of K750 to be followed by K500 monthly starting July month.


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