Iceland President To Give His Salary Increase To Charity.

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President Gudni Johannesson told the people of Iceland that he will donate the  his pay increase to a charity since he did not ask for a pay hike.

In his statement, he said he knew nothing about the increase.

“I will not accept the pay hike of nearly 20% because I did not ask for it. Instead of putting that money into my pockets, I will give it to the charity”, said the president.

Members of the Parliament have also received their monthly salaries up to 300 000 krona while the president and prime minister were given a double of that raise.

The president has not disclosed where the money amounting to 60 000 krona would go.

“I don’t brag about such issues, I will consider it when time is right”, he was quoted saying.

Some opposition parties in the country have condemned the salary hike citing that it would increase public mistrust.

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