IELTS vs TOEFL Tell The Difference

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ielts vs toefl

For many International students wishing to attend college abroad, a requirement to submit proof of English language fluency or test will stand in the way of their atmost pivotal times in life. A quality College Degree or Diploma sets the stage for all of the professional achievements and intellectual interests to come.

Therefore, the process of making decisions about which institution to attend, what course of study to follow and how to pay for it all can be crucial indeed. Regardless of circumstances influencing your need for studying abroad, IELTS or TOEFL will play a role in your process to getting qualified. Continue reading to get some terrific advice for navigating this challenging stage of life.

IELTS or TOEFL is nothing new, and it shouldn't scare you at all. All you will ever need when you're ready to take an IELTS test, is to make sure you have all necessary testing materials with you. Even a simple thing, like forgetting your College Or University preferred choice of english language test can ruin your chances of getting admission despite attaining good english language test score.

Some schools prefer one test over the other, while others accept scores from either test – plus a few others. Therefore as a Prospective international student you should make sure that you research the preference of the schools testing method they want to make sure that you do not hit a snag .


Many times, your study abroad point of contact may not have enough knowledge about this requirement so make sure you do a thorough research before you leave  anything to chances. On your day of IELTS or TOEFL testing, it's vital that you pack all the items you'll need for the exam in advance.

If for any reason, the  school of your choice doesn't provide a preference between IELTS and TOEFL,  as a students  you should consider whether the TOEFL or the IELTS plays more to your strengths as you ponder in deciding which English language test to take.

It's important to know that, TOEFL's structure and language is more academically focused, test prep experts say, while the IELTS has a more real-world communication feel. However, this doesn’t mean the IELTS is easier, “It’s still challenging, but it’s not that sort of in-depth academic material that you get on the TOEFL

Passing and proving your english language test is one thing, your real test will happen when you start attending classes as most lectures if you are not cautious will fly off your face so make sure to include a social aspect with local native english speakers to brush up your english language. Socialization is an important part of the college experience, there as a student with  english language as your second lingo, you should take advantage of the learning experience social circles provide .

Just remember to balance visiting friends and keeping your grades up. It can be easy to lose track of time and procrastinate. Save late night outings for nights when you do not have class the very next day.

Once you start college, you should schedule an appointment with your adviser to set up a study plan. Your academic adviser will help you choose your classes, your activities and make plans for your future. Meet with your adviser on a regular basis to talk about your progress and make sure you stay on the right track.

Get the names and number from a few people in each class so that if you have to be absent then they can fill you in on what was covered in class and can share their notes with you and give you any work that was assigned so that you won't get behind in your work.

Make Good Use Of Free Resources: Besides taking test-preparation classes, there are a number of free resources you can take advantage of. For example, you can​ look up past exam questions online. The official SAT website provides a question every day. Also, the local library always has test-preparation books to check out; while they were not the newest editions, they help to familiarize youself with the format of the tests. There are also online forums for test-takers to share their tips, and where you can also find emotional support.

There can be no denying the importance of a college education for countless individuals. However, that is not to say that decisions regarding where to apply, which major to choose and how the degree program will be financed are simple ones. By heeding the tips found above, it is possible to simplify the process a bit and gain a bit of helpful perspective.

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