Illegal Immigrants Causes Havoc In Police Stations In South African Prison Cells

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The flooding of illegal immigrants in prison cells in South Africa has made other prisoners to cause havoc in their cells.

The recent development of prisoners wreaking havoc has been registered at Durban North Police Station where the detained immigrants were demanding their release.

These immigrants held at this Police Station are waiting for the Department of Home Affairs to process them in order to deport them.

According to the South African authorities in Durban, they said these prisoners mainly African immigrants flooded the cells twice within a week.

“They have shoved blankets, soap bars given to them into toilet bowels and the pumps were blocked”, said one of the officials from the station.

The authorities further said that some prisoners shoved the blankets deep into the pipes which caused the water to rise up to the surface and flood the cells.

“We have had to get plumbers to retrieve the items from the prison cells and this is costing the station money”, said the officials.

They further said that some of the prisoners demanded to be released and they said they will find their own transport to go back to their countries of origin.

There has been an outcry of some foreign nationals who have been detained in some repatriation centres that the South African government takes too long to deport them.

Foreign immigrants coming to South Africa can choose between a variety of visas and permits depending on their reason for visiting South Africa, as well as the time they would like to spend in South Africa. Immigrants can choose between temporary residence visas and permanent residence permits. In many cases however the person concerned would have to apply and be holding a temporary residence visa for a number of years, before applying for a permanent residence permit.

But some foreigners opt to live in the rainbow nation without proper documents which makes the South African authorities to arrest them and later deport them.

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