INDIA: Man Involved In Extra-Marital Affairs Found Dead Next To His Car

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A 43-Year-Old man was found dead next to his car at Jaru Tara road in India on Sunday Afternoon.

The police have arrested the man’s girl friend who is the main suspect in the case.

“I saw a man lying next to his car bleeding so much and I informed the police and they later arrived to the scene” A source said.

The man was rushed to the nearby hospital and the doctors declared him dead.

The deceased has been identified as Tilakraj Rajput from the identity card found in his car.

His wife told the police that Rajput was having an unfair with a woman involved in drag trafficking, Anita.
Anita was later arrested for further investigation.

“We have arrested Rajput’s girlfriend and have got concrete lead in this crime. It seems a lot of people are involved in this case,” The police said.

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