INDIA: Teen Kills Neighbor Leaving Infant Crying In A Pool Of Blood

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It was horrifying sight that the neighbours of a 22-year-old woman had to see when they entered her flat in Nalasopara on hearing the cry of her 10-month-old baby, who had been weeping for hours. They saw the woman lying dead in a pool of blood on the floor with her child besides her howling.

The woman, identified as Tanushri Anil Dalai, was allegedly killed by her 17-year-old neighbour in a robbery bid on Saturday evening. She was home in the B.D.D complex in Nalasopara with her child Adesh and her husband Anil had gone to work.

“There were many blood stains on the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen walls and the furniture was misplaced, which suggests that the deceased fought for a long time to save her life,” said Dy SP Anil Aakde of Palghar district.

The police said when a few society residents heard the baby cry they went to the flat to check and found the door open. When they saw the dead body, they called the cops and the woman’s husband.
The accused, who was arrested the same day, confessed to the crime and said he killed Tanushri for her gold chain and mobile phone.
“We have arrested a minor, in whose house we found blood stained clothes, washed up blood in the bathroom and the stolen gold chain and mobile phone,” Aakde said.

The minor told the cops he entered the house on the pretext of borrowing a mixer and then increased the volume of the TV to mask the woman’s screams.

He first hit her on the head with a rolling pin and then stabbed her with kitchen knife before slitting her throat.

“He stole the things he wanted and then went to his house, where he lived with his parents, leaving the baby, who cried for four hours before anybody heard him,” said a police official from Nalasopara police station. The accused was arrested from the society premises and was sent to a correction home after he confessed.


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