INDIA: Woman Ganraped At Gunpoint

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A 25-year-old dancer was allegedly gangraped at gunpoint by four top employees of a renowned Ayurvedic drug company in a hotel room after an office party in Banthara some 20 km from Lucknow.

The four accused have been identified as Satyavir Singh, Devraj Singh, Rashtriya Bhushan Bharti, and Paresh Tomar, all in their 30s and residents of Lucknow. They were arrested and sent to jail.

According to sources, Satyavir Singh approached the dancer from a Lucknow based dance company through mutual acquintance Ashfaq and hired her for a performance at a party for the company’s executives which was organised at the hotel.

The rape survivor performed along with two other women members of her dance troupe. The performance went on till late night. According to the FIR, the dancer revealed that she and her colleagues performed till 1.30 am and that one of the accused had tried to molest her. All the accused were heavily drunk. Once the performance was over, Ashfaq told the survivor that Satyavir wanted to talk to her about the payment. Once she went to meet Satyavir in his room, one of the accused closed the door and all the four took turns to rape her at gunpoint.

The manager of the hotel, Saurabh Sachchar, was also arrested by the UP police for allowing dancers to perform in the hotel in a clear violation of norms. After investigations by the Uttar Pradesh police, it was found that the hotel often played hosts to such parties.

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