Indian Doctors Removes 40 Knives From A Patient’s Tummy

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After feeling pain in his tummy, Jarnail Singh 42, went to see the doctor so that they should give him some treatment.

Doctors in Amristar, Northern India did an Xray which showed that the man had 40 knives in his tummy. This led to the doctors to operate him and the five hours operation was succesful and 40 knives were removed.

These doctors are yet to establish whether the man is mentally stable after being told that he had swallowed those blades over two months ago.

One of the doctors who was part of the operation process, Dr Jitendra Malhotra said this is the first time he has come across a mind boggling instance.

“This is totally mind boggling, since I started my carrier, I have never come across something like this. We are not sure how this grown up man ended up swallowing knives”, said Dr Jitendra.

After the operation, Singh told doctors that he liked the way those knives he swallowed taste.



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