Inonge Wina Is The Best Running Mate And Cannot Be Compared To Anyone, Says Patriotic Front.

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By: Bright Chikele..

THE Patriotic Front says President Lungu’s running mate Inonge Wina is the best and cannot be compared to anyone.

PF deputy chairperson of elections Kelvin Bwalya said in a statement that Mrs Wina is a symbol of love and unity.

He said Mrs Wina is also a mother who does not believe in violence but living and leading in peace.

Mr Bwalya a prominent Lusaka lawyer said it’s unfortunate that some disgruntled politicians wants to drag Mrs Wina into comparison to some running mates from the opposition who have a history of violence.

He said never at one time had Mrs Wina been involved in confrontation and therefore she is the best among all running mates.

“It is a well known fact and documented that some running mates from the opposition have a history of violence, both at their homes and in the political arena,” Mr Bwalya said.


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